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Mar 23, 2013 2:30am PDT
and ceo of a successful hair product line, john paul mitchell in this week's "learning from the pros." ♪ ♪ tequila >>> you can start a business with very little, if you think about it. if you don't have money for receptionists get an answering machine. don't put your voice on it. put somebody else's voice on it. it makes you look just a little business bitter. bigger. get a p.o. box at post office. we did that when we started paul mitchell. p.o. box, beverly hills universal city. wow? these guy, in business, it looked like. ♪ >> you could knock on 100 door, say no, slam them in your face, but you continue on, eventually you know we're not going to be in the ordering business, in the reorder business. what we have is so good, let me just let you try it, no matter what. ♪ in business you don't know when you're going to grow. always order 10% more than you think you're going to need, if you can afford it. you're eventually going to sell it anyways, and when the orders come in, you're more that in a, you don't get surprised and have a cushion when reordering. we were so fortunate
Mar 24, 2013 4:30am PDT
. >> get rid of the dictionary. there are tools out there, one called john the ripper. it can crack millions of pass words within a couple of minutes. hackers will hit go and it will just crack your password if it's in the dictionary, any sort of dictionary or combination is in there. so forget about it. >> don't use pass words twice. this is so hard because how am i going to remember a different password for every place i'm going to? >> it's so hard. there are so many sites we all log on to and forever we all just used the same password. if one of those sites gets hacked, and it will get hacked, you will just lose the password to something far more scary like your bank account or your 401(k). try to use different pass words for different accounts. i have to admit i have one password that i use for a couple different sites that i call throwaway pass words and that i'll use for stuff like maybe my linkedin account but i would never use that same password for, say, my bank account or my stockbroker account. >> what's a pass phrase, when you say create a pass phrase? >> come up with a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2